A guide to receiving anal sex from Canines

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A guide to receiving anal sex from Canines


This is what I have learned. It by no means is the only way. I will detailtying with the dog but remember it can be dangerous. especially for thefirst timer. IMPORTANT!!! Make sure you have all the privacy and time you want.I dislike rushing things so plan on at least 2 hours. Always have WAY moretime than you need. Otherwise you will be faced with a choice of beingcaught or experiencing extreme and possibly damaging pain. Explain to adoctor why your ass is ripped. Not high on my list of things to do.

How do I train my dog to screw me?

You don't, nor should you. Just the natural act will teach both of youhow to. The same as a Husband and wife learning how best to please eachother. Or a husband and husband ;)

How do I get my dog to make love to me?

Most male dogs will be more than willing to make love to you as longas they know they are allowed to mount you. If your canine lover is newto this, you may get the reaction of him thinking he's not allowed. Why?Because he has likely already been taught that it is not OK to jumpup on people. You just have to let him know that "mounting"is different. Not to mention mounting is allowed at only certain times.(I'll go into "your dog outing you in public" later). To start with just play with him. Not sexually. You don't need to go rightfor his sheath. Canines LOVE foreplay. Be like anyone else. Wrestle,rub, pet. Just your general horsing around. During this he may or may notshow an inclination to jump on you and try to hump your shoulder (whichis a very good sign). If not, you can extend the foreplay to simple touchingand a little playing with his sheath. It's best to stroke right behindwhere the knot will be. He may already have a good sizable knot in hissheath. He will respond to you by starting to hump.


He is not willing. If however, he starts to hump and you feel the knotbegin to expand. It is time to stop any way. The idea is just to let himstart to associate you with sexual feelings. Remove your clothes and startwrestling again, at times assuming the position to be his bitch ;).

Ok, now if all is going well, your Canine lover is trying to mount youand get in you. If not, then you don't need to read any further becauseyour lover isn't in the mood.

He is thrusting so hard how do I slow him down?

It can be even more painful when he jabs your rim with his bone **OUCH!!**than breaking a tie. Get him to mount you as high as he can. meaning, thecloser the opening of his sheath is to your anus the less distance he willhave to speed up his thrust. use your hand to guide him in. Once he's inyou, he can thrust as hard as he likes. It can be helpful to hold yourhand behind his knot and jerk him as he thrusts. This will excite him moreand help to insure he thrusts hard enough to tie. If you can't get yourhand back there because he is humping so hard, you will likely not needto help him. As he thrusts you should feel a slight bulge pop in and outof you. Continuing to grow each time it goes in you. Now this where youdecide. When his knot is quite noticeable sliding in and out and is notyet big enough to tie you can do one of two things. 1. Clench your sphincter muscle while his knot is outside of you to NOT tie. This may also require you putting your hand in front of the knot atfirst to make sure it doesn't go in.

2. Clench your sphincter muscle when the knot pops in to TIE. You willimmediately feel it explode in size and a tightness in you. I suggest havinga pillow by your head because during the tie you may have to hold a legor tail with one or both of your hands. This means you will have to restyour head on the floor and you don't want to rest it on a hard floor. Apillow is just much nicer. You also do not want to do this "doggiestyle" on a bed. The angle is not quite right and can cause damageif he thrusts just right.

I'm scared. I don't know how he will react to a tie. What if he freaksand tries to pull out?

This is a possibility. Especially if your partner is excitable. In thisinstance use a technique I like to call the "fake" tie. It isadvisable to use this method many times before you attempt a real one.When you hold his knot outside of your rectum with your hand, also useyour hand to keep his penis in you and unable to pull out until the knotshrinks down.

Do I need any lubrication?

Oh Yes! Buy some good lubrication such as "Wet" or even betteris a veterinary lube known as J-lube. "wet" can be found at anadult store and the mailing address for J-lube is Nasco 4825 Stoddard Rd. Modesto, CA 95356-9318 Phone:1-800-558-9595 or 209.545.1600 Fax: 209.545.1669 Item number C08175N at $7.85 for 8 oz which I am told makes approximately10 gallons.

Use plenty of it for your first tie. If you lose control and the knot is pulled out (as this happens easily when you're not experienced) you will be in less danger of a serious injury. I suggest you DON'T lose control though. Pulling a knot out on your first time can be VERY painful and dangerous. I know, I did just that! This REALLY depends on the size of the knot.

We're tied!! Now what?! I want it out! it's getting too big! ShouldI pull it out before it does?

No! This is a very common thought for the first tie. By the time you feel it swelling and the thought of pulling it out before it gets any bigger crosses your mind..It is too late. You will feel FAR less pain ordiscomfort by keeping it in you. First. Calm down. Your lover will feel your fear and it will possibly make him want to get out of you. You don't need to start wrestling now. Second. try to enjoy the feeling of fullnessand the close bond *snicker* you two now have. O.K. so now the dog has two options. he will either lay on yourback and continue to spurt his seed into you or... He will drop off toone side and start to turn away from you. Go with either of these choices.It is important to let him be most comfortable right now. The more youdo it the more you both will become accustomed to each others movements.

What do I do? He wants to go butt-to-butt and is pulling hard on the tie!

O.K. like I said let him do what he wants as far as positioning goes.I prefer butt to butt myself. Or perhaps it's because my mate prefers it.I never figured that one out ;) He will drop off to one side and then turnuntil his ass is parallel to yours. This is when it is time to rest onyour head or the side of your face. As he drops off you want to turn awaytoo. Try to get him butt to butt as fast as you can. During this turningyou can take hold of one or both legs when you are able to, to keep himfrom pulling too hard on the tie. You can use the tail too as long as youdon't pull too hard and it doesn't hurt your mate. Don't jerk his leg orhis tail around as any pain he feels will make him want to get away fromyou, making it harder to keep him in you. Your sphincter is just not capableof holding the pulling that the tie in a bitch can. Once he's butt to buttand you are holding a leg to keep him from pulling his knot out, you justneed to relax and enjoy it. Remember the pillow? It will now come in veryhandy. The average tie for me lasts about 15 minutes. The pressure of thesemen will build to be quite alot. When you become experienced enough youcan even pull it out fully swollen. Again this depends on size. It mayjust be Too big to pull out.

Why would I want to pull it out?

I never want to. But at times I have to, or I risk having someone walkingin on me. I'd suggest you don't though. I prefer to keep it in me untilit the knot is gone.

Thanks! but now what do when he jumps on me in front of other people?

Your lover 'outing' you? This can and does happen until your lover realizesthat sex is only for certain areas and will get to know your "impliedconsent" i.e. getting on all fours with no clothes on. ;) As for jumpingand mounting you in public. Just don't let him. Push him off you. He willeventually understand that sex is not allowed when other people are around.If you need to train him, try obedience school. *grin*